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Islam: Between Locality and Universality mnara-kudus.jpg

Islamic development strategy in
Indonesia must has a direction to future or progressively. This strategy can make use of cultures as tool, because all aspect of lifes are in there. Cultural movement has to more integrate.

Universalism is one or others of characteristic of Islam. It has mean that Islam to all human beings, all races, and nation, not certain nation who is feeling kind a choosen nation. Islam is a guidance of Allah for all man and woman in all parts of the world. This manifesto written in the Qur’an: “and We didn’t delegated you (Muhammad) excepting as mercy on the world”.

Islamic universal contains believe (aqidah), law (syari’ah), and morality (akhlak). It arranges are main problems of humanity. The Islamic law has introduced a number of public ethic. At also, it warned of to strictly abiding by it, as this will entail punishment in the hereafter. Imam Muslim narrated that the Prophet Muhammad peace be unto him (PBUH) said: “Do you know who is the bankrupt?”. They answered: “a bankrupt among us is the person who has neither money nor property.” The Prophet (PBUH) said: “The bankrupt in my nation is the one who comes on the day of resurrection with prayer, zakat, an fasting, yet he used to insult, slander, slay, and beatother. Thus claimants are rewarded according to their good deeds. If one’s good deeds are gone, he is punished for his illdoings until he is thrown into hell.” Moreover, Islam directs us muslims to the attitude that forms some sort of friendliness and sociability between individual.



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Misunderstanding Of Growing Faith 

Among people of Islam had stressed the importance of unity and good spirit. It is not only by the elites and religious leader, but also accommodating people’s religiousness in the term of traditional local genius. Therefore, Islam must be integrated with people to overcome moslem is problems.


The late condition of religiousness in
Indonesia has be dominated by the majorities of religious leaders. This reality shown that religion movement has found direction to exclusive movement or want to win alone. Lastly, inter-religious community conflict occurs because muslims in exclusive movement as religious leaders don’t understand the reality of religiousness from various images and hidden interest behind people intellectually to oppress their rational competences which respond to their reality problems, therefore the climay of symbolic strunggle appears in


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